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dj afifa

dj afifa

I am a selecta. I make sound projects and spaces inspired by music. As a selecta my catalogue includes genres such as roots reggae, dub, jazz, funk, hip hop, experimental, and electronic. I use the mixxx software as a selecta. As a producer my catalogue include experimental music releases which i call nu-music and soundscapes which include sampling and the use of field recordings. I primarly use ardour and audacity for my nu-music productions.



We are a duo of classical musicians working with popular brazilian music, MPB Bossa Nova with a bit of Jazz and light music. We play on pubs and restaurant. Light music and Light Ambient Music are our focus.



I am software engineer, and in my free time I am composing mostly chill-out electronic music using free software on GNU/Linux. All my music is free cultural work released under the CC BY 4.0 license.


Aisyk is born in 1996. He begins with Fast Tracker 2, and he moves to Modplug Tracker. Since 2006, he produce electronic music on Linux, first due to wine and Open Modplug Tracker, and progressively with Ardour and Hydrogen.


DoosC is a french composer, arranger and producer, born in 1979, native of the Alps, and lives today in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
DoosC musical project, has its roots in the internet culture and the copyleft movement. DoosC makes extensive use of freely available internet resources such as free audio samples, free software, … and believes in the values of sharing and in collaborative philosophies.


Zthmusic is the brainchild of Gabriel Nordeborn from Gothenburg, Sweden. His music is a unique blend of hip hop, electronic, orchestral and ambient.

To date, zthmusic has released 2 albums (Insomnilund and Ordinary Day Montage) and one EP (Lost Time EP). All of his material is published on his soundcloud account under a CC-BY-SA license.

Ardour is at the core of all zthmusic's productions, also incorporating various FLOSS plugins and samples.

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