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My name is Danilo Siqueira. I've been studying music production on Berklee online for 2 years and needed a capstone project, in order to finish the project.

As linux enthusiast and musician, I've decided to compose, record, produce a small album (an EP if you will). But this small project got some attention on the internet and became a full-fledged band (a power trio actually). So now it has releases on streaming services, Youtube, Facebook page, etc.

And now I'm preparing to record again, not by myself, but with the help of my band mates. We're preparing for our second EP.

About the sound itself (presskit): "Majorana is a fermion, a subatomic particle with half-integral spin. Majorana is also a brilliant scientist who vanished on a time machine. On this vision, Majorana is a loose power trio slow-rock band, that trips on time signatures".

Federal District, Brazil