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I'm an electronic music producer, vocalist and songwriter from Warsaw, Poland. My main OS is KXStudio.

I'm creating music inspired with modern EDM sounds as well as the classical baroque music. I'm blending the genres of drum&bass, dubstep, techno, electro with funk and jazz inspirations, trying to create music that is both danceable and rich enoght to be enjoyable on it's own. I don't use other people's samples or loops - I mostly synthesise my sounds from scratch (drums too!) or record some vocal samples myself.

My favourite synthesizer is ZynAddSubFX - my albums "Static" and "Drum&Bass Payload" are exclusively created with this synth, effectively showcasing it's power.

My favourite DAWs are LMMS and Ardour. LMMS allows me to work both in the home studio, on the road and anywhere I go, as it's portable and mutiplatform, and by default comes with all I need to get creative. Ardour on the other hand is much more studio-only as I can't use it on other people's computers running Windows. However it's the perfect environment for recording acoustic music, recording vocals fro electronic songs, scoring animations or movies and masting my albums.

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Warsaw, Poland