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Yassin Philip


I'm a music producer and performer from Paris, France, recording and performing in Casablanca, Morroco since 2007.

I'm your average geek. In the late 80s I was making music and photography ; Punk-rock bands and vinegar-smelling bathrooms. In the 90s I got into computers ; A cloud of of Amiga-tracked house, techno and metal dispersed by a chemical wind. Then came the internet and I got into code to invent the www along with all my generation :) so I stopped producing music to work developping web things for increasingly big companies, but I kept my guitar handy all the time. And now I'm back, but this time it's just me, from writing to video post-prod.

My real name is Philippe Yassin Coatmeur-Marin, but it's quite a mouthful so Yassin Philip is my artist name, and on the web I go by xaccrocheur. I intend to pick up things where they were left when Magazine broke out, Colin Moulding left XTC and Alain Bashung turned off his computer. Yes, I'm that ambitious but I'm not alone, Tame Impala, the Super Furry Animals, Phoenix and a few others are fighting alongside on that front too. Pop music is a very serious affair around my studio.

I've been using GNU/Linux as my music (and video, and everything) production platform since the early 2000s and never looked back.

I used Mandrake (a now defunct French Red Hat-based system) up until 2010 then switched to Ubuntu ; I use the vanilla flavour (the Unity Desktop Environment is a huge deal to me) with a low-latency kernel and the mandatory KXStudio repositories.

My DAW is Qtractor, my plugins mostly in LV2 format, my guitars are wooden and my bass tuned to D.E.A.D. No, I'm kidding, not everytime :)

Casablanca, Morocco